Technical Project Delivery

At Dynamism Solutions, we can assist in the following areas of project delivery

Systems Integration

sysintSystems Integration is about bringing together disparate systems whether it be physical or functional in nature.

These disparate systems may be legacy systems requiring integration with newer technological systems, connecting together third party applications to communicate with each other and importantly adding functionality and value to the overall user experience that otherwise would never have been achieved across multiple subsystems working in parallel.



Vendor Management

techDynamism Solutions offers services to manage, administer and guide external third party vendors in a way that drives the right behaviour and expected outcomes for the business.

Areas we can assist in, include
• Assistance in Planning the structure, roles/responsibilities and resources to put a vendor management discipline in place
• Governance through a defined process for making decisions.
• Execute to ensure the optimal management of the vendor contract life cycle.
• Measure and improve in a pragmatic way to ensure future engagements are successful.